KitKat from Japan – KitKat Japan (2024)

KitKat from Japan – KitKat Japan (1)

Buying Japanese KitKats in Tokyo in 2024

Looking to purchase KitKats in Tokyo in 2023? Most official KitKat stores have now closed but we found a solution by partnering with a local japanese coffee shop!

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KitKat from Japan – KitKat Japan (2)

Where to Find KitKats in Japan: The Ultimate Guide 2024

Discover the best places to buy Kit Kats in Japan. From specialty stores to convenience stores, explore the various locations where you can find the unique and delicious Kit Kat flavors that have made them a sensation in Japan.

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KitKat from Japan – KitKat Japan (3)

Is KitKat Japan halal or Vegetarian-friendly?

Japanese Kit Kats are generally suitable for consumption by vegetarians and halal dieters. While some flavors may contain additional ingredients, the base ingredients do not include animal-derived products.

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KitKat from Japan – KitKat Japan (4)

The Fascinating Story of Kit Kat's Popularity in Japan

Discover why Kit Kat has become a cultural phenomenon in Japan. From unique flavors to marketing strategies, we will explore together the reasons behind its popularity.

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KitKat from Japan – KitKat Japan (5)

Unwrapping the Truth: Are KitKats from Japan?

Did you know that Kit Kats have a special connection to Japan? In this article, we'll dive into the history of Kit Kats and explore their ties to land of the rising sun.

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KitKat Japan

We curate the best Japanese KitKat flavors and send it directly from Tokyo to your doorstep. Shipping Japanese snacks worldwide since 2020.

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Are Japanese Kit Kats made in Japan? ›

Kit Kats in Japan are produced at Nestlé-owned factories in Himeji and Kasumigaura. The milk chocolate used for Kit Kats is made from whole-milk powder and Nestlé buys most of its cacao beans from West Africa.

What is the best Japanese Kit Kat? ›


Although there's a dizzying array of flavors to choose from, Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat reigns supreme. With its balance of bitter matcha and sweet white chocolate, it offers a perfect harmony that's distinctly Japanese and thoroughly delicious.

How much is 1 KitKat in Japan? ›

The prices are indicative of this: a single, regular-sized Kit Kat bar costs 324 yen, while a box of 4 mini Kit Kats costs 432 yen.

Can you buy Kit Kat in the US? ›

In the US, Kit Kat is sold by Hershey. In the rest of the world, Nestlé's in charge. That means different flavors across the globe, and different recipes — even two versions of a dark chocolate Kit Kat, Hershey's and Nestlé's, don't taste the same.

Where is Kit Kat originally made? ›

The KIT KAT® candy bar dates back to 1935 when the wafer crisp chocolate bar was launched in England. Originally, it was known as “Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp,” but in 1937 the candy bar was renamed as "KIT KAT® Chocolate Crisp".

Does Kit Kat have alcohol? ›

The vanilla flavours used in our Coffee Crisp ® and Kit Kat ® products use ethyl alcohol as a carrier, which is removed during the making of the product. There is no alcohol in the finished product.

Are Japanese Kit Kats less sweet? ›

Just like the name implies, these Kit Kats are less sweet than the regular flavors and have more nuance to them too. These Kit Kats include dark chocolate, deep matcha, strawberry, white chocolate, raspberry, and caramel.

What flavor is the black Japanese Kit Kat? ›

Otona No Amasa literally means “sweetness for adults.” This KitKat is basically a less sweet, dark chocolate version of the regular KitKat. It's supposed to be 'only for adults' because of its slightly bitter flavor. Packaging: KitKats in Japan have really great packaging.

What is the most expensive Kit Kat in the world? ›

World's Most Expensive Kit Kat Flavor!

Yes, it's “Yubari Melon”, the most expensive melon in the world – and therefore the most expensive Kit Kat flavor too!

Why is Kit Kat so expensive? ›

The increased and unpredictable costs for key ingredients is part of the picture behind the increased price of KitKats and other chocolate products. There are plenty of other factors to take into account as well, such as energy costs relating to the manufacturing process.

Why does Japan love KitKats? ›

In Japanese, kitto mean 'surely' or 'certainly' and katsu means 'to win'. For this reason, Kit-Kats are given to students not just as treats, but as good luck charms before important exams. In fact, one in three students in Japan will buy a Kit-Kat in anticipation of entrance examinations!

What country is Kit Kat most popular? ›

The KitKat is one of the most popular chocolate brands in the world, but in Japan, it has become an icon. The Japanese love for KitKats is not only limited to the original chocolate wafer bar, but also to the wide range of flavors that are exclusive to Japan.

Is KitKat American or Japanese? ›

The origins of what is now known as the Kit Kat brand go back to 1911, when Rowntree's, a confectionery company based in York, England, trademarked the terms Kit Cat and Kit Kat.

What candy came out in 1988? ›

After its introduction in 1988, Bubble Tape, the super-sugary, super-sweet bubblegum was a huge hit with kids. This was due in large part to its unique packaging and promises of 6 feet of bubble fun.

Is KitKat part of Hershey's? ›

Kit Kats in the United States are produced by Hershey. Kit Kat's around the rest of the world are produce by Nestlé.

Why are Kit Kats better in Japan? ›

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Kit-Kats in Japan is their extreme variety of flavors. While we typically only see the standard milk chocolate flavor in the United States, Japanese customers have seen over 400 unique flavors of Kit-Kats over the past 20 years!

Can you make your own Kit Kat in Japan? ›

Kit Kat Chocolatory Overview

The Namba shop is the only one in Japan offering this unique made-to-order Kit Kat experience, a must-do for anyone with a sweet tooth and a sense of adventure.

Is European Kit Kat different? ›

The biggest difference is that on the British chocolate the imprinted logo is closed in 'brackets', and the US one is not. The chocolate colour is a little darker on the European bar…but Hershey have produced a pretty slick copy.

What is the Kit Kat packaging in Japan? ›

Japanese KitKats have changed the outer bag of the five large bag type products, from the current plastic to a paper package. With this change, Nestlé Japan expects to reduce plastics by about 380 tons per year.

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