Which Is Best Chocolate KitKat Vs Snickers? Innocent Review (2024)

An Overview Of Chocolates

In today's era of super foods, chocolates have become quite popular among people. These chocolates come in different varieties, each having their own unique taste. There are even chocolate bars that come with added nutrients. So, what is the best chocolate? What should I eat if I want to gain weight? Which type of chocolate is the best for me? How do I go about choosing the right kind of chocolate for my body? Read on to find out how to choose the perfect chocolate for yourself.

Best Types Of Chocolate To Eat - Milk And Dark

Chocolate comes in two types - milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Both these types provide various nutritional benefits.

Milk chocolate contains less sugar than dark chocolate while both have similar amounts of calories. However, they differ in terms of how much fat they contain. A single bar of dark chocolate contains approximately 100-150 calories while milk chocolate contains around 70-80 calories per bar.

Dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than milk chocolate. Antioxidants help protect cells from free radicals, which cause damage to DNA and lead to cancer. Besides being delicious, dark chocolate has been shown to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels in some individuals.

Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate - Health Benefits

Health experts recommend eating at least three ounces of dark chocolate daily. Studies show that dark chocolate helps reduce high blood pressure and prevent stroke. It also lowers cholesterol and prevents heart disease. One ounce of dark chocolate provides 80% of the daily recommended intake of copper. Copper assists in the formation of red blood cells and helps build strong bones.

Another important mineral present in dark chocolate is zinc. Zinc helps protect the brain and immune system. It is also associated with good skin health. It is also said that women who consume dark chocolate tend to have fewer colds and flu. Researchers believe that flavonoids in cocoa may inhibit virus replication. Flavonoids are known to strengthen the cardiovascular system and lower blood pressure.

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Benefits Of Drinking Hot Chocolate - Health Benefits

Hot chocolate is a combination of hot water and cocoa. It contains caffeine and theobromine, similar to tea. Caffeine boosts metabolism and burns off extra calories. Theobromine relaxes muscles and reduces anxiety. It also increases alertness.

How To Choose The Right Kind Of Chocolate For Your Body

If you are looking for a particular kind of chocolate then you need to look at the ingredients list. Most chocolate bars contain sugar, butter, cocoa, milk, and vanilla. Sugar tends to make people crave sweets and thus causes them to overeat, leading to belly bulge. Butter adds calories while milk gives you an instant boost to your insulin levels. Vanilla brings its own special flavors and enhances the flavor of chocolate.

There are many brands of chocolate that claim to have no artificial additives. But in reality, some chocolates use emulsifiers which alter the texture of the product. You need to read the label carefully to identify whether any artificial additives are used. You could always try mixing milder versions of different kinds of chocolate.

Nutrition Facts

Milk chocolate:

Contains 1 gram of protein, 2 grams of carbohydrate, 12 grams of sugar, 5 milligrams of iron, 19 mg of sodium, 9 mg of calcium, 14 mg of phosphorous, and 30 mg of potassium.

Dark chocolate:

Contains 0.8 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbohydrate, 21 grams of sugar, 16 mg of iron, 11 mg of sodium, 8 mg of calcium, 17 mg of phosphorous, 29 mg of potassium, and 25 mg of zinc.

1. Snickers

Snickers is a candy bar that was originally created back in 1930's. It consists of peanuts and caramel covered in milk chocolate. These ingredients complement each other well with sweet, sour, salty, and savory flavors. Snickers has a high percentage of fat as compared to sugar and provides a lot of nutrients to the body.

Snickers comes first because it's a classic candy bar that everyone loves and knows well. A chocolate covered peanut butter filling topped off with milk chocolate and peanuts makes this treat perfect for any occasion. Many people love these bars and find them addictive due to their rich chocolate flavor.

2. Kit Kat

Kit Kat was first introduced in 1939 and became extremely popular. It contains two layers of chocolate with a layer of wafer between them. Kit Kat also has a significant amount of fat and protein, along with many vitamins and minerals. A single serving of Kit Kat contains around 1 gram of protein, 2 grams of fat, 3 grams of carbs, 20 mg of iron, 100 IUs of vitamin D, 400 mg of Vitamin B-12, and 150 mg of calcium.

Kit Kat chocolate bar is probably the most famous chocolate bar out there. These delicious treats feature a wafer cookie dipped in milk chocolate coating then covered in dark chocolate. Each bite brings a burst of deliciousness in each mouthful! People who love chocolate will definitely fall in love with these bars.

KitKat Vs Snickers

Kit Kat has 24% of wafer and 76% of milk chocolate. Snickers are visible as immediately strength bars, and those locate it's miles relatively more healthy due to the presence of peanuts and browse milk. Snickers have greater protein than Kit Kat, however on the identical time offer greater fats and greater energy than package Kat. The sodium content material is a lot better than Kit Kat because of the presence of nuts. It is an ideal concord of nut, caramel, and chocolate and is famous amongst kids in addition to grownup age groups.

For instance, Are Snickers meal substitute?

With the snickers bar simplest 2 of the primary four substances are sugars, and the almonds are really wholesome ingredient. So, am I recommending a snickers bar as a meal substitute for breakfast and lunch?

Absolutely not! Truly, Are Kit Kats more healthy than Snickers? Kit Kat, in 2nd place, has “better strains of nutrition D, iron, calcium and potassium” in comparison to Reese’s Sticks and a noticeably decrease fats content material in comparison to the others.


My kids always LOVE these both chocolates but if they want to show their most favorite chocolate then they will surely go for the KITKAT 😋😍.

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Which Is Best Chocolate KitKat Vs Snickers? Innocent Review (2024)


What is better, KitKat or Snickers? ›

Snickers have greater protein than Kit Kat, however on the identical time offer greater fats and greater energy than package Kat. The sodium content material is a lot better than Kit Kat because of the presence of nuts.

Is KitKat the best chocolate? ›

Taking the number one spot is Nestle's KitKat closely followed in second place by Twix. Snickers, Milky Way and Hershey Bar came in third, fourth and fifth while the rest of the top 10 was rounded out by Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger Bar, 3 Musketeers, Toblerone and Almond Joy.

What was voted the best chocolate? ›

39 World's Top Chocolates (2022-2024)
  • Fjak Chocolate (Norway) - The Best Flavoured Chocolate 2023 - Vermouth O'Clock - (Score 93.5)
  • Vigdis Rosenkilde (Norway) - The Best Dark Chocolate 2023 - Kiteni, 70% - (Score 91.6)
  • Meybol Cacao (Germany) - Sugar-free Dark Chocolate - Solo Kakao 100%- (Score 91.6)
Feb 2, 2024

Is KitKat chocolate healthy? ›

KitKat chocolate contains high amounts of sugar, saturated fat, and calories, which can lead to weight gain, tooth decay, and other health issues when consumed in excess.

What is the No 1 candy bar? ›

Snickers is the top-selling candy bar in the United States and is produced by Mars, Inc. This classic chocolate bar is made with nougat, caramel, and peanuts, and it has been a favourite among Americans since its introduction in 1930.

Why do people like KitKat? ›

KitKat is often given as a gift to students before exams, as “Kitto Katsu,” which translates to “You will surely win,” is a popular expression in Japan. In addition, the chocolate snack is also associated with good luck, making it a popular gift for various occasions, such as weddings and new year celebrations.

Where is KitKat most popular? ›

These confections are more than just a snack in Japan, they are a cultural phenomenon! This surprising popularity comes in part from the Japanese name for Kit-Kats: kitto kato (キットカット).

Which is the top No 1 chocolate? ›

List of the Best Chocolates in India
Best Chocolates in IndiaAmazon RatingAmazon Price
Ferrero Rocher Premium Chocolates4.5/5Click Here
Cadbury 5 Star Chocolate Home Treats Chocolates Bars4.4/5Click Here
Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection4.5/5Click Here
Lindt Swiss Premium Chocolates4.1/5Click Here
6 more rows
Feb 21, 2024

What is the number 1 enemy of chocolate? ›

Water is enemy #1 when you're melting chocolate with no other ingredient. If you get a drop of water in your chocolate bowl, you'll notice that it will immediately seize up and look curdled.

What is the absolute best chocolate? ›

10 Best Chocolatiers
  • Teuscher (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Vosges Haut-Chocolat (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  • Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, Inc. ( ...
  • Jacques Torres Chocolate (New York, New York, USA)
  • Norman Love Confections (Ft. ...
  • Valrhona (France)
  • Richard Donnelly Fine Chocolates (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

Why is Kit Kat the best chocolate bar? ›

First off, they have the best texture. On the outside, a KitKat has a smooth and silky layer of chocolate that just effortlessly dissolves onto your taste buds. Then once you get further into this delicacy, you will hit three soft yet crunchy wafers that will bless your tongue with satisfaction until you need more.

What are the disadvantages of Kit Kat chocolate? ›

Since Kit Kat has layers of milky chocolate, it is high in calories and sugar content and should be eaten in moderation. Else, it may cause dental caries.

Can you eat Kit Kat everyday? ›

If you don't want to gain fat—belly or elsewhere—eat fewer calories than you expend. Eating a single Kit Kat every day, so long as you eat everything else in moderation and maintain a caloric deficit , will more likely affect your teeth than it will your waistline.

Is Snickers the healthiest candy bar? ›

In a ranking by three nutritionists, Snickers bars were cumulatively rated as the healthiest candy bar, even over plain milk chocolate. While all chocolate-based candy bars contained the same range of calories, Snickers bars had the lowest amount of saturated and trans fats.

Is Snickers the best selling candy bar? ›

The bars are made by the American company Mars Inc. The annual global sales of Snickers is over $380 million, and it is widely considered the bestselling candy bar in the world. Mars Inc.

What is better, Twix or KitKat? ›

The Twix provides that satisfying crunch that just can't be found in inferior candies such as the wildly overrated Milky Way or mediocre Three Musketeers. Even the much-lauded KitKat's flaky texture pales in comparison to the solid cookie crunch accompanying every mouth-watering Twix bite.

Are Snickers bars good or bad for you? ›

While Snickers do contain peanuts, which offer some health benefits, they also contain high amounts of sugar and artificial ingredients. Additionally, consuming too many regularly can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

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