Safest Caribbean Islands and Ones To Avoid - SailingEurope (2024)

While the Caribbean Islands are generally a very safe destination, high-profile incidents can quickly leave travelers wondering what lurks beneath its sun-and-fun veneer. British Overseas Territories tend to be the safest among the others. According to research though, the fear of crime in the Caribbean Islands is generally overblown, therefore, we bring you a list of the safest Caribbean Islands.

Safest Caribbean islands and crime rates

Statistics show that violent crime rarely touches the 28 million or so tourists who visit the Caribbean every year. Andreports of violence aremainly confined to inner-city areas which see few tourists. Like many vacation destinations, petty street crime does occur. Furthermore, valuables left unattended at Caribbean beaches, in rental cars or in hotel rooms are vulnerable to theft.

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What about hurricanes?

You’d have to have had your head in the sand if you didn’t hear about recent hurricanes affecting the Caribbean. And it’s no secret that the region is prone to rain and storms – but that doesn’t make it unsafe to visit and should not spoil your Caribbean vacation.

Secure your safe Caribbean adventure in time


Bad weather in the Caribbean is typically confined to hurricane season which lasts from June to November. But the risk of storms generally peaks in an even smaller window, roughly from August through October. Statistically speaking, even if you travel at this time of year, the odds are excellent that you’ll enjoy a hurricane-free vacation. But of course, it pays to take precautions and be aware that there are some risks.

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Don’t want to chance it? Then consider booking your vacation outside of hurricane season. If you’re happy to travel during hurricane season then you’ll make excellent savings on flights and accommodation, compared with peak periods. Just make sure you get a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover you if the weather prevents you from travelling. Also check out the hurricane forecast before travelling.

Which Caribbean island is the safest?

There is no „safest“ Caribbean island, but research shows that some destinations do have higher crime rates than others. So, which ones are the safest Caribbean islands to visit?


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Nicknamed “The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean” both for its terrain and the heritage of its inhabitants, Montserrat is a British territory in the Leeward Islands and it is considered to be the safest island in the Caribbean, with its last recorded murder occurring in 2008.


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St. Barts is short for Saint Barthélemy. This Francophone island is a French overseas collectivity. Known as a party place for the rich and famous, it is also dubbed safe due to its murder rate of zero.

The British Virgin islands

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The British Virgin Islands consist of Tortola, the largest and most inhabited island, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, Josh Van Dyke, and over 50 smaller islands and cays. The murder rate was last recorded at 2 per 100,000 back in 2006, making it a very safe destination for travellers.

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The Cayman islands

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Another British Overseas Territory is widely known as a financial haven for wealthy individuals. Therefore, the Cayman Islands are very safe for travellers. The murder rate is fairly low, and around the same as in the United States.


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This island is a part of the ABC islands and is a special municipality of the Netherlands. Unlike most Caribbean islands, Bonaire is located outside of Hurricane Alley and years go by without a single homicide on the island. However, in May 2017 two murders occurred within 24 hours, to the shock and horror of both travellers and locals alike.

Antigua and Barbuda

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A sovereign state in the Americas and British Commonwealth, Antigua and Barbuda is nicknamed the “Land of 365 Beaches” and maintains a​ very low crime rate.


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This overseas region of France is located in the Lesser Antilles. While Martinique has the highest murder rate of the islands on this list, the rate was still low at just 17, recorded in 2009.

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Considered one of the safest Caribbean islands for families, Barbados is an independent British Commonwealth nation. Each year this island welcomes around 1 million visitors. The tourism industry is a huge part of the island’s economy. Moreover, the locals are said to be some of the friendliest in the entire Caribbean.

Barbados is generally a safe place to travel but there are certain things to be aware of. It’s illegal to wear any kind of camouflaged clothing in Barbados, for example – and they take this rule very seriously.


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Like many of its neighbouring islands, Anguilla has experienced a growth spurt over the past few decades as evidenced by the rise of swanky hotels and upscale villa resorts. While this British Overseas Territory relies on its luxury tourism (the rich and famous frequently travel to Anguilla), it hasn’t lost any of its laid-back charm and iconic Caribbean beaches. Crime rates in Anguilla are some of the lowest in the Caribbean, but you should take standard precautions nevertheless.

The Turks and Caicos

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Some of the safest Caribbean islands for families due to their soft sandy beaches. What’s more, the Turks and Caicos are surrounded by gentle seas and have warm year-round temperatures. The region’s rainfall level is low compared to some of its counterparts, and hurricanes are few and far between. This British Overseas Territory is comprised of 40 islands and cays – only a handful of which are inhabited by 30,000 local residents. This number is a stark contrast to the half a million tourists who arrive by plane each year.

The most dangerous Caribbean islands

On the basis of crime rates, some of the least safe Caribbean Islands to visit include Puerto Rico, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago. As we noted though, most crime in the Caribbean is an internal problem and is linked to inner-city areas well away from tourist resorts. In short, if you’re heading out from your resort, make sure you do your research and stay away from bad neighbourhoods.

Safest Caribbean Islands and Ones To Avoid - SailingEurope (2024)


What is the safest Caribbean island right now? ›

What are the Safest Caribbean Islands to Travel?
  • Grenada.
  • Montserrat.
  • St. Barts (Saint-Barthélemy)
  • The British Virgin Islands.
  • Saint Lucia.
  • Turks and Caicos.
  • Sint Maarten (Saint-Martin)
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Which island has the lowest crime rate in the Caribbean? ›

The Safest Islands in the Caribbean
  • The British Virgin Islands. ...
  • Antigua and Barbuda. ...
  • St. ...
  • Montserrat. ...
  • Caiman Islands. ...
  • Martinique. ...
  • Aruba. ...
  • Bonaire. As if being located outside of Hurricane Alley wasn't enough, this Dutch municipality doesn't have much crime at all.

What islands to avoid in the Caribbean? ›

The Most Dangerous Caribbean Destinations, According To Research
  • Haiti. Rotorhead 30A Productions/Shutterstock. ...
  • Trinidad and Tobago. Debralee Wiseberg/Getty Images. ...
  • Kingston, Jamaica. Photo Spirit/Shutterstock. ...
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica. ...
  • Georgetown, Guyana. ...
  • Nassau, Bahamas. ...
  • Tiger Beach, Bahamas. ...
  • Dominican Republic.
Mar 30, 2024

What is the safest and least expensive Caribbean island? ›

Antigua and Barbuda Real Estate & Accommodation

The property market in Antigua and Barbuda is noticeably more affordable when compared to other countries. Generally considered one of the safest Caribbean countries, Antigua and Barbuda is a wonderful place to relocate as a solo traveler or with a family.

What is the cheapest and safest Caribbean island to live on? ›

Among the Caribbean countries that offer citizenship by investment, Grenada and Dominica are the cheapest to live in. To lead a moderate lifestyle in these states, a single person requires less than $650 per month.

What are the most violent islands in the Caribbean? ›

In the Caribbean, the worst murder rate is found in Jamaica, with 52.9 homicide victims per 100,000 inhabitants in 2022. Jamaica's homicide rate is almost five times higher than, for instance, the Dominican Republic's, where 11.9 people were killed per 100,000 population that same year.

Which Caribbean island is safest for Americans? ›

Montserrat. This island has the lowest crime rates in the entire Caribbean. In Montserrat most visits are trouble-free.

What is the poorest island in the Caribbean? ›

Haiti remains the poorest country in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region and among the poorest countries in the world.

What islands have travel warnings? ›

Learn about your destination
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Travel AdvisoryLevel 1: Exercise Normal Precautions
Trinidad and Tobago Travel AdvisoryLevel 3: Reconsider Travel
South Sudan Travel AdvisoryLevel 4: Do Not Travel
Turks and Caicos Islands Travel AdvisoryLevel 2: Exercise Increased Caution
143 more rows

What is the safest friendliest Caribbean island? ›

The 11 safest Caribbean islands to travel
  • Visit Jamaica (certain places)
  • Travel to Saint Lucia.
  • Safety in Saint Barthelemy.
  • Traveling to Cayman Islands.
  • Visit St. Martin.
  • Don't miss Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Anguilla is one of the safest Caribbean islands.

Where should Americans not travel right now? ›

These are the countries that have the level 4 "Do Not Travel" rating:
  • Burma (Myanmar)
  • Iran.
  • Yemen.
  • Afghanistan.
  • Iraq.
  • Russia.
  • South Sudan.
  • Somalia.
Feb 2, 2024

When not to go to the Caribbean? ›

Hurricanes occur during the low season, specifically from June 1 to November 30. The risk peaks in August and September and occasionally extends into October and even November. Travel companies generally advise against going to the Caribbean during these months.

Is it safe to sail around the Caribbean? ›

The latest report is from 2022, and in that year reported crimes against cruisers for the entire Caribbean climbed from 102 to 122. Over the last decade, the fewest reported incident, 71, was in 2020 while the most, 140, was in 2019.

Is Jamaica or the Bahamas safer? ›

The State Department considers the Bahamas a slightly safer destination, with a Level 2 advisory (exercise increased caution), due to crime.

Is the Dominican Republic safer than Mexico? ›

Safety Considerations for Travelers

Mexico has a lower absolute crime rate (54) than the Dominican Republic (61), so on a numbers basis you're safer in Mexico. However, in both cases, if you keep to the resort or stay in the tourist areas, you're unlikely to encounter a problem.

Is Jamaica or the Dominican Republic safer? ›

In fact, the two countries have extremely similar crime rates.

Is Punta Cana safe in 2024? ›

Yes, Punta Cana is one of the safest places on Earth for tourists.

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