Why Does My Computer Freeze – How to Fix PC Screen Freezes in Windows

Fixing a screen freezing issue will depend on what is causing it and finding the cause can be difficult. A freezing issue can occur when a Windows is forced to shutdown while performing a critical update in registry or when the memory is fully loaded and all the resources are in use. This will result in errors and invalid entries in the registry. For fixing the issue, here is a breakup of what you can try:
Computer Keeps Freezing

  1. Fix with Registry Cleaner

Most likely the freezing problem is caused by viruses or spyware that have left traces in the registry or the broken files from a previously installed hardware. A registry scan will fix errors and solve the screen freeze problem with minimal effort on your part. Fixing with registry scans is really easy and allows no knowledge of any specific manual commands for fixing errors. You will see noticeable improvement in the speed of your computer and forget that ever had screen freezing issues.

  1. Update the Drivers

This can be done from the device manager. Type in device manager in the search tab or access it from Control Panel (Small icons view). Right click on the display adapter or the motherboard chipset and update driver software.

Why Does My Computer Freeze – Danger signs of a slow computer

  1. Hardware Reconfiguration

Although this is a long shot, especially with laptops these days, but a dirty processor or a motherboard, poorly fixed/damaged VGA card can also cause this problem. You can perform a little physical cleanup and check if everything is fixed properly.

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