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Portability Frequently
Asked Questions

What is the process of porting to San Bernardino County?
Participants interested in porting into San Bernardino County must apply with their initial housing authority. If the participant is eligible to port, their housing agency will send their portability documents to HACSB. Within two weeks of receiving the portability documents, HACSB will contact the participant to schedule an appointment.

How long does it take to get a voucher from HACSB?
Participants should ensure they allow sufficient time for processing and be mindful of processing delays. HACSB will contact participants within two weeks of receipt of their portability documents.

My Housing Agency wants HACSB’s Portability Contact information.
Portability paperwork can be submitted either by encrypted email to Portability@hacsb.com or mailed to:

Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino
ATTN: Portability Department | 672 S Waterman Ave.
San Bernardino, CA 92408

You may also reach us by phone: (909) 890-5337 or fax: (909) 890-5333

My Housing Agency wants to know if HACSB is billing or absorbing?
HACSB is currently billing.

How much is my voucher worth in San Bernardino County?
As a Moving to Work (MTW) agency, HACSB has established local policies for Payment Standards. HACSB utilizes a Payment Standard Schedule that divides the county into 9 rental submarkets. HACSB utilizes a Payment Standard Schedule that divides the county into 9 rental submarkets. MTW Local Payment Standards are set based on an annual evaluation of market rents for each bedroom size within the 9 rental submarkets. For MTW rental assistance programs, the requested rent must be reasonable and cannot exceed the Local Payment Standard. For these reasons, not all units will be approved with rents at the payment standard amount. Click here to view HACSB’s MTW Local Payment Standards.

What is the meaning of MTW agency?
As a Moving to Work (MTW) agency, HACSB can implement new policies outside the usual scope of HUD policies and regulations. Several of the policy changes affect participants porting into the County. For example, non-elderly non-disabled households would be admitted into HACSB’s Term-Limited Lease Assistance (TLA) Program. Under the TLA program, participants would be assisted for a maximum of 5 years.

What is the Term-Limited Assistance (TLA) program?
The Term-Limited Lease Assistance (TLA) Program is a five-year rental assistance program that is coupled with resources and supportive services to enhance economic self-sufficiency. After five years, rental assistance for TLA participants ends.

How much will I pay?
Your tenant portion is calculated based on 30% of the household’s total gross monthly income. If that amount is less than $125, you will pay HACSB’s minimum rent of $125.

How many bedrooms do I qualify for?
HACSB issues voucher sizes based on a two persons per bedroom occupancy standard, regardless of age, gender, or relationship. Voucher sizes are subject to change for participants porting into the County.

Can I choose a unit with more bedrooms than provided on my voucher?
HACSB allows participants to choose a unit that is one size larger than the issued voucher size. If a higher bedroom size is chosen, the participant is responsible for paying the difference between the payment standard of their issued voucher bedroom size and the unit’s rent amount.

How much search time will I have to find a unit in San Bernardino County?
Your search time is determined by your initial housing agency. However, HACSB will extend the participants voucher expiration date by 30 days upon receipt of your portability file.

What if I need additional search time, does HACSB provide extensions?
Portability participants may request extensions through their initial housing authority. If an extension is granted, the initial housing agency must provide the revised HUD 52665 and HUD 52646 Forms.

Do you provide landlord listings?
HACSB may provide unit listings upon request. Please also refer to local resources, newspapers ads, and websites for available units.

I found a unit, what happens next?
The landlord must submit the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA). Once received, the unit will be scheduled for a Housing Quality Standard (HQS) Inspection. The contract takes effect after the unit passes inspection and the family moves into the unit. Please note, participants are responsible for signing their lease with their landlord.

Can HACSB deny my portability?
Housing assistance is contingent on all adult household members passing a Criminal History Background (CHB) and meeting all income and eligibility criteria. Other reasons for denial include but are not limited to failure to provide requested information, failure to attend scheduled appointments, income exceeds more than 80% of area median income, voucher expiration, or participant’s request to cancel portability.

What happens if my portability is denied?
HACSB will return your portability documents to your initial housing agency.

Can I request a reasonable accommodation?
Yes, you may request a reasonable accommodation at any time. In order to be granted a reasonable accommodation, there must be a disability-related need for the accommodation.

Portability - Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino (2024)


How long does a Section 8 portability transfer take in California? ›

The transfer process can take up to 60 days to complete before you will receive rental assistance. Being prepared and providing requested documentation will help the portability process move along.

Is San Bernardino Section 8 waiting list open? ›

Housing Services Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Program

The assistance is not tied to the unit, which means that a family who moves (voluntarily or through eviction) from the unit has the right to continue housing assistance in a different unit. Waiting list for this program is currently closed.

What is tenant-based voucher San Bernardino County? ›

The Tenant-Based Voucher Rental Assistance Program, formally known as Section 8 and the Housing Choice Voucher Program, provides eligible low-income households with rental assistance to lease a home or apartment of their choice from a landlord in the regular rental market.

Can I move anywhere in the US with Section 8? ›

If you want to move to another city or town with your Section 8 subsidy you should discuss your individual circ*mstances with your program representative as soon as you decide to move. If you have a Section 8 Voucher you can use it anywhere in the United States that has a public housing authority.

How do I transfer my Section 8 to another county in California? ›

Once found eligible, the request to transfer your voucher to another PHA must be submitted to the LACDA in writing using the Request to Transfer form or your own letter which should include your name, current address, a current phone number, an e-mail address, and the PHA you wish to transfer to.

How do I get emergency Section 8 in California? ›

The Emergency Housing Vouchers are administered through a direct referral process. Local Housing Authorities are working with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) to obtain referrals. If you think you are eligible for the program, please contact a Coordinated Entry System Access Center in your region.

What cities have the longest Section 8 waiting list? ›

The longest wait times among these large agencies are more than seven years in San Diego County, California, where there were 56,737 families on the waitlist at the end of 2020, and eight years in Miami-Dade, Florida, where the housing agency is processing applications it received during its most recent open enrollment ...

What is the phone number for the San Bernardino Housing Authority portability? ›

For more information, contact us at (909) 890-5337 or email us by clicking below.

Can a single person qualify for Section 8 in California? ›

The same program rules and regulations for determining eligibility status for Section 8 rental assistance apply to everyone. To be eligible, the household must be either a family or a single person whose income does not exceed the area limits as set by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

What is considered low income in San Bernardino County? ›

For an individual, the annual income to be considered in poverty is less than $12,490. For two people with no children, the poverty threshold is an annual income of $16,910.

Can you buy a house with a Section 8 voucher California? ›

Though Section 8 Housing is designed to provide rental assistance, qualifying participants can also use the funds to buy a house.

Does San Bernardino County have rent relief? ›

SBCRRP provides 100% financial assistance to cover up to 12 months of rent and the program is expanding to include 12 months of utility arrears as well as prospective rental and utility assistance.

How long does RFTA take to process in California? ›

It may take up to 30 days to process a RFTA. Please consider this when determining what vacate date you should give your current landlord on the “Notice of Intent to Vacate”.

Can I transfer my Section 8 to California? ›

Households that receive help with their rent through the federal Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance program can move with their rental assistance to any rental unit anywhere in the United States.

Can a landlord refuse a lease transfer in California? ›

Because the landlord has the right to withhold its consent to a Transfer, it is a good and common practice to specify in the lease agreement the circ*mstances when it will be deemed reasonable for the landlord to withhold its consent.

Can a landlord refuse Section 8 voucher in California? ›

Critical provisions of Senate Bill 329 include: Source of Income Protections: The bill prohibits landlords from discriminating against prospective tenants based on their use of government housing assistance, including Housing Choice Vouchers.

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