Portability (2024)

Once the LACDA receives the appropriate documents from the initial housing authority, our staff will contact the voucher holder by phone to schedule a briefing - entrance interview.

All adult household members, age 18 or older, must attend. The LACDA voucher, Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) and processing documents will be issued during the intake/briefing appointment. This process lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours. You will be required to remain in the briefing for its entirety. All required attendees MUST be on time for the briefing.

The following documents are required to port to Los Angeles County.

- Current valid photo identification

- Birth certificates for all household members 18 years of age and older

- INS documents for non-citizens

- Social Security cards for all household members

- Proof of household income and/or assets

- Proof of full-time student status for everyone 17 years of age and older

Photocopies of the first four items listed above will be acceptable; however, you may be required to present originals if there are questions about the authenticity of the documents.

Portability (2024)


What do you mean by portability? ›

/ˌpɔːr.t̬əˈbɪl.ə.t̬i/ the quality of being light and small enough to be easily carried or moved: The advantage of the smaller model is its greater portability. Campers like food pouches for their portability and long shelf lives.

How do you explain portability? ›

Simply put, portability is a way for spouses to combine their exemption from estate and gift tax. More specifically, it's a process where a surviving spouse can pick up and use the unused estate tax exemption of a deceased spouse.

What is a synonym for portability? ›

nounas in ability to move. adjustability. flexibility. maneuverability.

What are the disadvantages of portability in estate planning? ›

  • Estate Planning. ...
  • The Problems With Portability - Nine Pitfalls. ...
  • Pitfall # 1 – You Have to File to Get It. ...
  • Pitfall # 2 – The Estate Tax Return Must Be. ...
  • Pitfall # 3 – Unlimited Statute of Limitations for. ...
  • Pitfall # 4 – Unlimited Record Keeping. ...
  • Pitfall # 5 – Beware of Intra-Family Squabbles.

Why is portability good? ›

Software portability is important for applications, as the ability to work on other desktop and mobile platforms increases user flexibility and the application's potential user base. Building software with portability in mind can save developers time and overhead when moving new software across an environment.

What is an example of a portability? ›

An object that can be easily moved, such as a portable computer. For example, a laptop is a good example of a portable computer. 2. With computer hardware, portability describes an external device that can be moved from one place to another without disrupting its operation.

What is the new IRS portability rule? ›

Portability is a way of transferring the amount of the gift and estate tax exemption that a deceased spouse did not use to the surviving spouse. It is only available to married couples. To get the benefit of portability, the executor of an estate must file a federal estate tax return.

What is portability in employment? ›

Portability refers to an employee's option to retain certain benefits when switching employers. Some pension plans and health insurance have portability.

What is the opposite of portable? ›

antonyms: unportable. not portable; not easily moved or transported. adjective.

What does "not portable" mean? ›

: not portable : too bulky or heavy or too complexly or firmly fixed to be easily moved.

What is a synonym for the word potable? ›

synonyms: drinkable. antonyms: undrinkable. unsuitable for drinking. any liquid suitable for drinking. synonyms: beverage, drink, drinkable.

Which state does not allow portability? ›

Maine does not allow portability. Maryland. Maryland is the only state with both an estate tax and an inheritance tax. The estate tax applies to estates over $5 million.

Can portability be lost? ›

The estate tax return must include an opt-in election that the surviving spouse is electing portability of the deceased spouse's unused exemption. Failure to file the estate tax return or to include the election will result in the loss of portability.

What is an example of estate portability? ›

For example, a husband dies with $2 million in separate assets. He has $3.25 million remaining in his estate tax exemption, which passes to his wife, giving her a total of $7.5 million in estate tax exemption.

What is an example of portability in estate planning? ›

If you are married, you also have the option to transfer all or part of your estate tax exemption to your surviving spouse. This provision is called portability, and it can be a valuable tool for married couples to consider as they develop their estate plans.

How do you evaluate portability? ›

Examples of portability results evaluation include: verifying if functionality and performance of the software components or modules on different platforms meet portability requirements; checking compatibility and interoperability of the software components or modules with other software components, libraries, ...

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