Barrels (2024)


With the most technically-advanced barrel manufacturing techniques, state-of-the-art machinery and an unwavering commitment to quality, Bergara Barrels has become the barrel source of numerous top-tier gun manufacturers in both Europe and the United States. Now, with Bergara Rifles, we are producing a full line of precision rifles, engineered and built to showcase the performance capabilities of our world-class barrels. At Bergara we believe that a precision rifle requires not only the best components, but also an assembly process that is carried out by individuals who are the best of the best at their craft. For this reason, we brought together a team of the world’s most talented and experienced rifle builders – first in the USA for our Custom Series and Premier Series, and now in Spain for our B-14 Series. It all began several years ago when we first began with a small line of custom rifles and one top-notch craftsman, the former Production Chief & Chief Instructor for the United States Marine Corps Precision Weapons Section. As Bergara rapidly grew, he then assembled a hand-picked group of his best PWS alumni, the guys who built the rifles used by US Marines both in combat and competition all over the world. And still today, these Marines form the core of our production team, passing their knowledge and expertise on to every new employee, and thereby bringing their own real world experience and expertise to every Bergara rifle.


Barrels (2024)


What are barrels? ›

Barrels have a variety of uses, including storage of liquids such as water, oil, and alcohol. They are also employed to hold maturing beverages such as wine, cognac, armagnac, sherry, port, whiskey, beer, arrack, and sake.

What are the different types of barrels? ›

Depending on the shape, a distinction is made between round barrels (the most common shape), drum barrels (shorter than the diameter of the belly) and oval barrels (taller than they are wide). Wooden barrels are mainly used for storing and transporting wines, but are also used for barrel fermentation.

What is a large barrel called? ›

hogshead. a large cask especially one holding 63 gals. keg. small cask or barrel.

What is the term for making barrels? ›

Craftsmen who make wooden barrels are called coopers. The word is most likely derived from the Latin word for vat, "cupa." In New England, coopers arrived with the first English settlers in the 1620s. Their work was essential to commerce and daily life.

What is a barrel in slang? ›

You might hear the expression "stare down the barrel of a gun," which means you're looking at a gun pointed right at your face. A barrel is also used as a unit of measure or to refer to a large unit of measure. When someone says they are having "barrels of fun," they're having a really great time.

What does give barrels mean? ›

idiom informal (also give someone both barrels, hit someone with both barrels) to attack, criticize, or punish someone very forcefully: He arrived late to meet his girlfriend at the airport. She gave him both barrels.

What is the synonym of barrel? ›

barrel (noun as in cylindrical container) Strongest matches. cask cylinder drum pipe.

What are metal barrels called? ›

A drum (also called a barrel) is a cylindrical shipping container used for shipping bulk cargo. Drums can be made of steel, dense paperboard (commonly called a fiber drum), or plastic, and are generally used for the transportation and storage of liquids and powders.

What is a 55 gallon barrel called? ›

Steel drums, also known as 55-gallon drums are used both for transportation and storage, though, most often, they are used for the former.

What is the Old English word for barrel? ›

From Middle English barel, from Anglo-Norman baril, Old French baril, bareil (“barrel”), of uncertain origin.

What is the legal definition of a barrel? ›

(3) The term “barrel” means forty-two United States gallons at sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

What is a brewery barrel called? ›

Kegs and casks are containers commonly used to store, transport and serve beer, cider and other drinks. While casks were originally wooden, you're now much more likely to see stainless steel varieties of any brewery containers.

What is the largest size barrel? ›

That honor belongs to one for brewing soy sauce in Japan which clocks in a truly massive 540,000 liters in capacity. If you want to talk specifically about wine barrels, then there's the Heidelberg Tun which, when built in 1751 had a capacity of 221,726 litres.

What are the different sizes of barrels? ›

Getting to Know Your Barrel Types: a Quick Reacquaintance
  • Quarter Cask. Size: 13-21 gallons. ...
  • American Standard Barrel. Size: 53 gallons. ...
  • Hogshead. Size: 59-66 gallons. ...
  • Barrique. Size: 59 gallons. ...
  • Port Pipe. Size: 132-172 gallons. ...
  • Sherry Butt. Size: 132 gallons.
Nov 14, 2023

What is a large wooden barrel? ›

Large wooden liquor barrels used for aging spirits are called a vat, whereas a small barrel is known as a keg. In modern times, the wood used in wine barrels come from three different oak trees, namely: French Common Oak (Quercus robur) Irish Oak (Quercus petraea)

What is a giant wine barrel called? ›

Winemakers looking for larger vessels will often use puncheons or demi-muids, which hold 500L and 600L respectively. Even larger than that are French foudres, which technically aren't barrels as they are significantly larger.

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