Our People Make the Difference (2024)


This competition is organized by DIKAR S. COOP, owner of the Bergara brand. See Privacy Policy and legal terms and conditions.


You are not required to purchase a product in order to participate. Moreover, purchasing a product will not increase your chances of winning. This competition is open to participants from any country (except USA and CANADA, which have a separate competition (US and Canadian citizens can check it out here). You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid firearms license from your country of residence. Submissions from employees, suppliers, sellers, distributors or agencies related to Bergara will not be accepted. The competition will only be interpreted and evaluated in accordance with Spanish law, regardless of the participant’s country, and will be void in countries where it is not compatible with their legislation.


The chances of winning are not limited. Each testimony can only participate once regardless of the channel chosen to submit it, but there is no limit to the number of testimonies each participant can submit.


Testimonies can only be submitted to the competition within the participation period, which will be from August 15, 2019 until 23:59 on November 25, 2019.

Testimonies must be submitted using the form on the competition page (www.bergara.online/en/our-people-make-the-difference/ ) and published on one of the two social networks, Facebook or Instagram, adding the hashtag #Ourpeoplemakethediference and mentioning the Bergara profile.

Testimonies and photos or videos must also respect the following conditions:

  • They cannot exceed 300 words.
  • All photographs must be included on the competition form. Those sent by other channels, such as email or Whatsapp, will not be included.
  • Photographs must not include clothing or equipment made by other brands that compete with Bergara.
  • Participating in this competition implies that you guarantee that the photograph is original, that you own all its rights, and that it does not infringe the right of any third party.
  • Participating in this competition implies that you grant to Bergara the non-exclusive right to publish, use, distribute and publicly display your text, photograph or video to create derivative material from your testimony for the next 10 years, on any of its online, print or other media channels for communication and marketing purposes, including editorial, advertising and commercial purposes, without any financial compensation unless prohibited by law. You grant Bergara permission to promote your name, city and country of residence, reproduce and use your photograph and identify you as a participant or winner of the Bergara International testimony competition. While Bergara will make every effort to give you credit and/or name the authors of the photographs when using your material, sometimes it may not be possible to do so. Subject to the rights granted with your submission to Bergara, you retain all remaining rights to use your photographs submitted to this competition in the future.
  • If your photograph(s) includes recognizable people, you must ensure that you have obtained permission from each person in the photograph(s), and for children from the child’s parent or guardian, to use the photograph with their image and submit it to this competition, which may be required by Bergara. Bergara is the organizer and reserves the right to eliminate a testimony if it considers that the participant has not obtained the required permissions.
  • Any photograph containing offensive content cannot be submitted. All content submitted by participants must be appropriate for publication on a website that is accessible by anyone. Obscene, provocative or questionable content will not be accepted for this competition, and will be disqualified. Bergara reserves the right to determine what constitutes inappropriate or improper content.
  • Bergara reserves the right to retouch any photograph in order to adapt it to the space available or to the requirements of the brand.


A single winner will be selected from all participants for the prize of a Bergara rifle and a trip to meet the Bergara family, their facilities and shoot “subject to the law and the required permits” all the rifles in our catalogue.

The committee chosen by Bergara for the role of jury will be exclusively responsible for choosing the winner. They will be responsible for choosing a winner from among all the testimonies collected using the three channels provided for this purpose and that meet the conditions set out in these rules. The committee’s decision shall be final and binding.

Bergara reserves the right to award more than one winner if the committee deems it appropriate, and this decision is validated by Bergara’s management.

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Bergara will notify the winner between December 10 and 15, using the telephone number or the email or the profile of the social network used to submit the testimony to the competition. The prize must be claimed within 7 days of this communication. The winner must claim the prize by responding to our communication with proof of their identity, corroborating their date of birth, documents proving eligibility and firearms permits, or a sworn statement may be required indicating that they meet the eligibility requirements described in the competition rules. Any prize that is still unclaimed after 7 days will be forfeited. Bergara will select alternate winners for any forfeited prizes, provided that a sufficient number of eligible and/or qualified submissions remain. Any portion of a prize not accepted by the winner will be forfeited. Any change in contact details or profile during the competition must be reported to the email: [emailprotected] before the date that the competition ends, otherwise the winner will be excluded for being uncontactable. Any taxes arising from the competition must be paid by the competition winner. The prize cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. The prize may not be transferred or substituted, except by Bergara, who reserves the right to award a substitute prize of equal or greater value.


By simply submitting their testimonies to the competition, the authors of the testimonies transfer to Bergara (without exclusivity) the rights of reproduction, communication, distribution, transformation and publication of this material, free of charge and for a period of five years, for the purposes of exhibition and publication using the support edited by Bergara, or third parties at its request, while always mentioning the name of the author.

By virtue of the transfer contained herein, Bergara may exercise the rights transferred using advertising of any kind.

The personal data of all participants will be added to Bergara’s databases, which is a condition to participate in this competition.

This competition is not associated with Facebook or Instagram in any way, nor is it sponsored or organized by Facebook or Instagram. Neither Facebook nor Instagram is responsible for the content published during this competition. Bergara will receive information from the participants, not Facebook or Instagram. Bergara keeps Facebook and Instagram free from any third party claim in connection with this competition. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding this competition should not be sent to Facebook or Instagram, but to Bergara at [emailprotected]

Participating in this competition is entirely considered to be a Facebook or Instagram launch by each of the participants.


In accordance with current legislation that applies to the protection of personal data, we inform you that your data will be added to the processing system owned by DIKAR S.COOP with CIF F20033817 and registered office at UGARTE 26 20570, BERGARA (GUIPÚZCOA), and that their respective purposes, retention periods and legitimising principles are described below. We also report that profile preparation and automated decision-making may take place, where processing requires it, together with DIKAR S.COOP’s potential international transfers:

  • Purpose: Data collection, recording and processing for advertising and commercial prospecting purposes, resulting from participating in the competition.
  • Retention period: 10 years
  • Legitimising principle: Consent of the interested party.
  • Purpose: Preparation of advertising campaigns for the brand.
  • Retention period: 10 years
  • Legitimising principle: Consent of the interested party.
  • Transfers: your data will be communicated if necessary to third parties in order to carry out the advertising campaign.

In accordance with the rights conferred by current and applicable legislation on data protection, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, process limitation, suppression (“right to forget”), portability and opposition to the processing of your personal data, and revoke the consent given to process it, by sending your request to the postal address indicated above, or to the e-mail [emailprotected].

The appropriate Control Authority may be contacted for any complaint deemed appropriate.


Participating in this competition implies that these rules have been accepted in their entirety.

Bergara reserves the right to amend this competition’s rules at any time and even to cancel it, provided it can justify doing so.

In any case, it undertakes to communicate the amended rules through the competition website, or if necessary, that the entire competition has been cancelled, in order for all participants to have access to this information.

Our People Make the Difference (2024)
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