Useful Information Before Visiting St Barts (2024)

Travel with peace of mind and discover St Barts. Our personalized concierge service is the best way to handle small everyday differences that you may face in an unusual environment. Rely on our professionalism for any questions.

St Barts Weather

Generally temperate and dry, St. Barts enjoys an ideal climate relatively all year round, but does experience warmer and wetter weather in the summer. Welcome to the tropics!

• November through April are the best months to visit the island, when the trade winds abound, a radiant sun shines and showers are rare.

• Low season is considered to be from April to November, when temperatures rise and rainfall becomes more intense.

• The period between Christmas and New Year's Day, when the most festive events take place, constitutes the busiest season.

Useful Information Before Visiting St Barts (2)


General Information

A few FAQ noted by our reception staff:

•St. Barts’ official language is French, but English is fluently spoken.

•The official currency is the Euro, but American dollars are often accepted.•Electricity is 220-240 volts - 50 hertz. Adapters for other voltages are provided in our villas and hotels.•The island's telecommunication network allows international calls and transmissions without any problem. However, to avoid roaming charges, prepaid cards can be provided by your concierge.•Bruyn hospital, which handles general emergencies and has a radiology and surgery department, is located in Gustavia.•Some villas are accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Stay in touch with St Barts

To help better prepare your getaway on one of the best islands in the Caribbean, allow us to keep you informed about Saint Barth’s upcoming events and not-to-be-missed occasions and festivities. Or, let us create an unforgettable occasion tailor-made for you!

Useful Information Before Visiting St Barts (2024)
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