Usage of PC Health Boost

PC Health Boost is a very useful standalone registry cleaner with integrated startup boost features. Once the package is downloaded, it installs the program on your hard drive without nagging you with any special offers or subscriptions. The installation is quick and easy. The program opens up with a nice interface. On your dashboard you see options to run a system scan, tweak the startup, backup/restore and change settings.

As seen from the above figure, PC Health Boost allows you to scan for errors in 8 different categories of registry files. The above scan has found 155 issues in the registry. One of the best things about PC Health Boost is that it tells in detail the significance of each error that it discovers through its useful knowledgebase. As shown in the below image, every file type is explained in sufficient detail that tells why it is useful to resolve issues with it.

Every time the user decides to delete files from the registry, the program automatically makes a backup. This can be used to store the registry to its previous state in case of an accidental deletion, as seen in the figure below:

When the user clicks on the “Fix Errors” button, a complete list of the files that have been flagged as issues is provided for review. each category can be expanded to see the full contents. PC Health Boost does not multiply the reported issues just to add numbers and all issues are genuine, the user is still given the choice to edit. You can uncheck files that you think are not necessary to remove.

After you have selected the files for removal, click on the Fix Errors button. PC Health Boost will resolve the issues and make a backup before making any deletions. If you haven’t registered for the product yet, it will notify you to get registered online. The full version of PC Health Boost comes with a 60-day Money-back offer. The trial version of PC Health Boost only removes issues found in File Associations and Fonts.

PC Health Boost gives you the handy option of scheduling a registry scan as you see fit from the Settings menu in the dashboard. A scheduled scan will help you in running regular maintenance on your system.

From the dashboard, you can also easily disable/enable the programs that you want to start with Windows. This option make the startup simpler and speedier.


We find PC Health Boost to be a handy and reliable registry cleaner. The entries flagged as issues are all safe to remove. The software steers away from the bad habit of reporting unnecessary files and the interface is very easy to understand and work with.

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