To help you find your inner peace, and maybe catch a few waves and rays while you’re at it, we’ve put together a list of some of the clearest waters in the world.

In Greece

Egremni Beach in Lefkada is one of the most well-liked places to enjoy some of the world’s bluest water, despite being one of the most distant beaches in Europe. The frequently congested beaches nonetheless have a sense of isolation despite being surrounded by massive cliffs. 350 stairs that led to the white sand used to be the only way to reach the beach.

The remote bay of Navagio Bay, located in Zakynthos, is surrounded on three sides by tall limestone cliffs. The Ionian Sea’s piercing blue waters contrast wonderfully with the white sand that covers the little beach. Even at depth, the water is so transparent that you can see the bottom. After the wreck of the smugglers’ boat Panagiotis washed up on the strand in a storm in 1980, the beach was given the name “Navagio” (which means “shipwreck”). Now, it is recognized as a local landmark.

If there is a list of beaches that you should definitely visit once in your life, then Elafonisi in Crete is at the top. Some days it joins a narrow peninsula of southwestern Crete while others, you have to walk with the water up to your knees to enjoy it. However, what you will see when you get there will take your breath away.

An exotic paradise of fine, white sand and tiny pink pieces of crushed shells, shallow turquoise waters and beautiful coves.

From Maldives to Bora Bora

There are over 1,190 islands and sandbanks in the Indian Ocean territory of the Maldives. All of the islands are protected by a reef structure that is home to a variety of underwater species, and are encircled by a lagoon with crystal-clear water. No matter where they are coming from, travelers to the Maldives do not need to apply for a visa in advance as long as they have a valid passport and proof of onward travel. The airport closest to the city of Malé, Velana International Airport, is where most travelers land.

There are 365 tiny islands in the Bahamas’ Exuma Archipelago. Great Exuma and Little Exuma are the largest and home to the majority of people. One of the most gorgeous places on earth is this one. From above, you can see the entire spectrum of blue hues in the water, lighter on the various shoals and darker in the depths. The abundance of calcium carbonate in the water and the reflection of sunlight off the bottom are to blame for this phenomenon. Divers, snorkelers, and boaters are drawn to the Exuma Islands by grottos, caverns, reefs, and a diverse underwater world. These coves were frequently used by pirates as hiding places. The wreckage of their ships is surrounded by a variety of vibrant fish.

The second most visited island in the Cook Islands is Aitutaki. Its origins are a mix of coral and volcanic. The waters off the coast are renowned for their crystalline clarity, and the beaches here feature the whitest sand in the entire world. A little elevation in the middle of the atoll provides a breathtaking perspective of the vivid blue lagoon. It’s really challenging to reach this nook of paradise. The nearest continent to it is Australia, yet it is still 5,000 kilometers away. As a result, not everyone has the means to travel to Aitutaki. Luxury hotels aren’t there, but the stunning scenery and fantastic uninhabited beaches more than make up for it.

Bora Bora was hailed as the world’s most picturesque island in the 1960s. Many newlyweds dream of going here for their honeymoon because it is one of the most romantic spots on earth. The atoll, which is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, was created by the collapse of a volcano. After its central region was eventually destroyed by underwater currents, the lagoon emerged there, shielding the island from the harsh effects of nature. The blue ocean water on the island of Bora Bora is exceptional because it remains the same color even when the sky is clouded. Coral reefs are located 30 to 50 meters offshore and surround the atoll. They are home to rays, sea turtles, and fish of various sizes and hues. shark-feeding and swimming with them is popular entertainment in Bora Bora.




And beating out the world-renowned aquamarine coasts of the Maldives, Bora Bora, Croatia and Greece, it turns out Pasqyra aka Mirror Beach in Albania has the world's bluest water.

Where is the bluest water on Earth? ›

Places where you can see the bluest water in the world
  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia.
  • Seychelles.
  • Peyto Lake, Canada.
  • Navagio Beach (and other spots on Zakynthos), Greece.
  • Maldives.
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Where is the clearest water on Earth? ›

Where To Find The Clearest, Warmest Water In The World
  • Maldives: The Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, is famous for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and coral reefs. ...
  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia: ...
  • Fiji: ...
  • The Bahamas: ...
  • Seychelles: ...
  • Cayman Islands: ...
  • Turks and Caicos Islands: ...
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia:
Feb 18, 2024

What country has the most bluest water? ›

The Maldives, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is made up of more than 1,000 coral islands and some of the bluest waters in the world.

Where is the bluest water in the US? ›

Blue Hole, New Mexico, comes first as the bluest water in the nation. Located amid the desert like a great blue gem, this geological wonder is famous for its spring-fed blue water and is considered an iconic roadside attraction on Route 66.

Where is turquoise water? ›

Waters in places like the Caribbean, South Pacific like in Bora Bora, and Greece are shallower and almost free of plankton, causing them to be a specific shade of azure blue. These waters are also usually home to heavier sand and sediment, which churn up less, leaving waters more clear.

What Caribbean islands have the bluest water? ›

Cozumel. The island of Cozumel is world-famous for its scuba diving and azure blue water.

What is the cleanest ocean in the world? ›

The South Pacific and South Atlantic Oceans are the least polluted with 297 billion and 491 billion plastic pieces respectively. Both oceans have gyres but limited human activities makes them cleaner than the rest.

Which country has the purest water? ›

80% of Switzerland's tap water comes directly from the ground, whereas 20% is sourced from lakes. Groundwater protection zones along with the Water Protection Act ensure that Switzerland, known as the country with the cleanest water in the world, ensures its population receives the cleanest water in the world.

Where on earth has the bluest water? ›

And beating out the world-renowned aquamarine coasts of the Maldives, Bora Bora, Croatia and Greece, it turns out Pasqyra aka Mirror Beach in Albania has the world's bluest water.

Where is America's cleanest water? ›

The top 10 states with the cleanest water in 2021 are:
  • Minnesota.
  • New Hampshire.
  • Connecticut.
  • Vermont.
  • Kansas.
  • Missouri.
  • Oregon.
  • Massachusetts.
Mar 11, 2022

What is the bluest part of the ocean? ›

The gyre, on average, holds the clearest, bluest waters of any ocean basin. Sea water is often colored by phytoplankton—tiny plant-like organisms that form the center of the marine food web and play a key role in the global carbon cycle.

Is the water blue in Puerto Rico? ›

With soft sand and blue waters, these beautiful beaches welcome surfing, sunbathing, swimming, and more.

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