These Creamy Deviled Eggs Will Be the First to Go at Your Next Party (2024)

  1. Cook eggs:

    Place eggs in a medium saucepan; add cold water to cover by 1 inch. Bring to a rolling boil. Remove pan from heat; cover, and let stand 13 minutes. Drain, and run eggs under cold water to cool them.

  2. Combine other ingredients:

    Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, mix together mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, shallot, and hot sauce.

  3. Peel eggs, halve; remove and mash yolks:

    Peel eggs, and halve lengthwise; remove yolks, leaving whites intact. Transfer yolks to bowl with mayonnaise mixture, and season with salt and pepper. Mash with a fork until smooth.

  4. Place yolk mixture in whites and garnish:

    Mound yolk mixture into whites. Sprinkle with paprika just before serving,.


Serve the creamy deviled eggs immediately. We think deviled eggs are best eaten within an hour of assembling. If you have leftovers, use them for egg salad the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make deviled eggs creamy, not lumpy?

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Get out your food processor: If you mix the yolks in your food processor with the mayonnaise and mustard, it will make the filling light and fully emulsified, like a mousse.If you don't have a food processor, fully mash the yolks with a fork before adding other ingredients for smooth results.

Is it better to boil eggs for deviled eggs a day before?

Boiling the eggs a day ahead is the best way get some of the prep done for deviled eggs. We also peel the eggs and make the filling. Then, we refrigerate the filling and the whites separately, with plastic wrap pressed onto the surface of the filling, and assemble them just prior to serving.

Why do you put vinegar in deviled eggs?

A light-colored vinegar, like the white-wine vinegar we use in these creamy deviled eggs, brings a touch of acidity to the filling and balances the richness of the yolks and the mayonnaise.

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These Creamy Deviled Eggs Will Be the First to Go at Your Next Party (2024)


How do you make deviled eggs creamy and not lumpy? ›

How do you make deviled eggs creamy, not lumpy? Get out your food processor: If you mix the yolks in your food processor with the mayonnaise and mustard, it will make the filling light and fully emulsified, like a mousse.

How far in advance can you make deviled eggs for a party? ›

At a minimum, you'll need to allow for 20 to 25 minutes of chill time before serving. You can make deviled eggs up to 2 days in advance; be sure to store the egg whites and the yolk filling separately.

How long can deviled eggs sit out at a party? ›

According to the FDA, two hours is the maximum time deviled eggs and hard-boiled eggs can be stored at room temperature. If they're exposed to high temps in the hot summer sun, they should be thrown out after an hour.

Why add vinegar to deviled eggs? ›

Do I have to use vinegar? No, but it does give the eggs that tangy flavor. If you choose to leave it out you may want to add a little more mustard. If you don't have vinegar on hand, you can also replace it with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice.

What happens if you put too much mayo in deviled eggs? ›

Going overboard with the mayo.

But when you're heavy-handed with this ingredient, not only will it overpower the taste of the filling, but it can also make for a loose, runny filling that's tough to pipe into the egg white.

How to get egg yolks smooth for deviled eggs? ›

Once your eggs are cooked, making deviled eggs is easy!

Peel and cut your eggs in half, and then scoop the yolk into a bowl. I use the back of a spoon and smoosh the egg yolk. Since we cooked our eggs perfectly, they should break down easily. Then, we can stir in our mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, salt, and pepper.

Is it better to boil eggs the night before making deviled eggs? ›

Prep deviled eggs too far in advance, and you'll have dried out filling and stinky boiled egg whites. For the best results, prep your deviled eggs up to two days in advance and keep the egg whites and filling separate until you're ready to serve.

How many deviled eggs per person? ›

How many deviled eggs do you need per person? Plan 2 to 3 deviled eggs per person for your get-together. A dozen eggs will make 24 deviled eggs, and that will be enough for 8 to 12 people. If you have leftovers you can store them in the fridge for 24 hours and snack on them the next day.

How do you boil eggs so they peel easily for deviled eggs? ›

The best method is to bring the water to a full boil and then reduce it to a simmer, carefully lower the eggs in (a slotted spoon, fine mesh strainer, or spider-skimmer work well), cover the pot, then keep them at a low simmer for 13 minutes.

Can I eat 5 day old deviled eggs? ›

Properly stored, deviled eggs can be kept in the fridge for up to 4 days, but always check for signs of spoilage and give them a sniff to ensure they're still safe to consume.

How do you keep deviled eggs cold at a party? ›

A platter of deviled eggs is best served chilled, and to keep the eggs cold, it's easiest to put the plate on a bowl of ice. There's even a way to make this setup more photogenic.

How to fix too much mustard in deviled eggs? ›

Add sweetness to your dish. Honey or maple syrup are great choices for counterbalancing mustard, but even just a spoonful of sugar will help.

What is a thickening agent for deviled eggs? ›

If you have a baby in the home, baby cereal can work as a thickener. Baby cereal is typically made from neutral-tasting rice, so using it shouldn't impact the flavor of your deviled eggs too heavily. Alternatively, if you really have nothing else to work with, all you need is more eggs.

What does white vinegar do when boiling eggs? ›

The vinegar in the water makes the eggs easier to peel. Here's why: The vinegar's acid not only dissolves some of the calcium carbonate in the shell, it also helps the whites set faster. Running the hard-boiled eggs under cold running water as you're peeling, meanwhile, helps the shell separate from the membrane.

How do you keep lumps out of deviled eggs? ›

For the smoothest filling, try grating the yolks on the small holes of a box grater. You can also press them through a fine-mesh sieve. If you don't mind a few lumps, mashing the yolks thoroughly with a fork works too.

Why are my deviled eggs clumpy? ›

The eggs may be overcooked or undercooked. Sometimes, hard-boiled eggs are impossible to peel, and fillings can turn out lumpy or gloopy with too much mayonnaise.

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