Italy in July: Best Places to Visit, Things to Do + Weather (2024)

If you’re planning your summer holidays and vacations, Italy is a fantastic spot. Italy in July is bustling with activity and packed with plenty of other people like you adventuring about. This month is one of their busiest months of the year. The weather can get a bit warm in these summer months, but visiting Italy will still be an astonishing experience!

In this guide, we share what you should know about Italy in the summer, where to go in Italy in July, and all the best tips for visiting Italy in July. There will be plenty of tourists, so find the greatest places and plan ahead for your summer vacation. It’s going to be a blast!

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Weather in Italy in July

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Probably the biggest downfall (for some people) of a July Italy vacation is the hot weather. By this time, summer weather is coming in hot, which probably starts in late June or early July.

The days have heated up, and there is plenty of sunshine. That being said, the July weather could certainly be worse. In most places, the highs will linger around 90 degrees Fahrenheit but can get up to 105 degrees.

Let’s look at the different regions.

Northern Italy in July

If you take a July trip to Italy, you will find that the Northern parts of the country are warming up, much like the rest of Italy. Italy’s weather here brings temperatures that range from 65-85 degrees.

You’re not at the peak of July heat like some Italian cities, but there is warmth and sunshine.

Visit the mountain huts, enjoy nearby Italian lakes, like Lake Como, and have a wonderful time hiking trails in the mountain regions.

Central Italy in July

From mid-June to late July, Italy sees a lot of people in this area. It hosts many of the most popular destinations for those who love Italy. July in Italy brings more crowds and high temperatures to this location, and there are very few rainy days.

You can enjoy perfect weather for much of your journey around the beautiful villages of Italy and the highlights.

Stay hydrated as you visit Tuscany, Umbria, Vatican museums, and so much more in this popular destination.

It’s a prime season, and your average temperatures will range from 65-90 degrees when you visit Italy this time of year.

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Southern Italy in July

Visit Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, Puglia, or many of the famous Italian beaches. In July, Puglia and many other nearby places are at their peak season, so you can enjoy your Italian vacation in the midst of many fun festivities.

Southern parts of Italy have many great beach destinations to enjoy the warmth. Major cities in this area have plenty of fresh seafood, Italian culture, and outdoor pursuits to enjoy. The average temperature is about 75-90, and you can expect crowds for all road trips.

There might be extra costs during this high season.

The Best Places to Visit in Italy in July

Italy in July: Best Places to Visit, Things to Do + Weather (9)

Whether you’re heading to the stunning beaches, the wine regions, or hilltop towns, there is so much to experience in Italy. The school holidays are in full swing in mid-July.

Spend the early morning outdoors and visit the beaches or find indoor activities for the heat of the day.

From Lake Garda to Asinara Island to a national park location, you will find the country bustle with excitement and fun. These travel tips offer some insight into the top places to visit during the summer months in Italy.

Here are a few of our top picks!

  • Spectacular Beach Locations like Sardinia (Sardinia beaches)
  • Tuscany
  • Verona

Spectacular Beaches (Including Amalfi Coast)

Whether you want to spend time at Lake Como, stroll along the Italian Riviera, soak up the sun on the Ligurian Coast, or spend time on the beach at Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, or other popular locations, you will find no shortage of beach life to choose from.

Each beach is unique in some way, so just choose a beach in the area you’re interested in and soak up that delightful sun.

Cinque Terre is a great place to stay during this time of year, but Cinque Terre certainly isn’t your only option.

Here you can find the best beaches in Cinque Terre.

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When you travel to Italy in July, summers in Italy can be so exciting. Tuscany has a lot to offer, with locations like Florence, Piazza del Campo, and amazing sites with architecture and art to behold.

Take day trips to visit Rome and just have an amazing time. The top places to visit in July really depend on your preferences, but you can certainly have a pleasant time in the summer in Tuscany.

Be sure to visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence!


If you prefer the North during July in Italy, Verona is a great spot to stop at in the summer. They have an original amphitheater where many shows are hosted during the summer months. You might also recognize this spot as the setting for “Romeo and Juliet”.’

It’s absolutely gorgeous here and Verona restaurants make sure you get to try some delicious Italian food.

Things to Do in Italy in July

Italy in July: Best Places to Visit, Things to Do + Weather (11)

If you’re not sure what to do in Italy in July, there are plenty of things to choose from. Of course, you can just take in the normal tourist spots and favorite places all over when you visit Italy.

But there are also some scheduled events and activities you might be interested in as well.

Verona Opera Festival

If you love opera, this one’s for you. And if you don’t really know much about opera, it’s certainly worth checking out!

The dates for this festival do vary but always fall somewhere between June 24th and July 22nd each year. It’s four days of fun, flowers, and opera!

In 2023 Verona will host its 100th Arena di Verona Opera Festival.

More info:

Umbria Jazz Festival

The jazz festival is certainly a favorite and is one of the most popular music festivals that happen in Italy. This festival is all about jazz music, featuring music from legends like BB King, Mark Knopfler, and so many more.

As the name suggests, this festival happens in Umbria, and dates are generally the 8th through the 17th, so you can easily plan ahead and attend this grand festival.

L’Ardia di San Constantino

This horse race is absolutely huge but makes for a fun event. The race spans from July 5th to July 7th, with different races on different days. In addition to the races themselves, there are fun festivities.

If you aren’t interested in the crowds here but like the idea of a horse race, you can also check out the Palio horse race. This bareback horse race is held in Siena twice a year, one of which is on July 2nd.

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Food Festivals

If you love delicious food, you will find many different festivals of food throughout Italy during the July months. One of the top choices in July is Food Festival Brixen.

At these festivals, the details are all about food. They also have fun entertainment and activities.

Medieval Festival

Finally, consider a medieval experience where you can experience jousting, Renaissance dress, historic sites, and tons of fun times. The costumes and the festivities are absolutely great.

There is more than one of these in July, but here are a few options:

  • Terzieri Palio (third Sunday)
  • Medieval Festivities in Brisighella
  • Giostra Della Quintana

Plan an Adventure and Soak Up the Sunshine

Whether you want a hidden gem like Le Marche, to relax calmly at the hot springs, or to adventure all of the top locations in Italy, you can enjoy a magical experience in July.

The crowds are out in full force, and the days can get very warm. This just means you can adventure without too much worry about rain or cold. Italy in July can be a fantastic experience.

Be sure to plan ahead since this is one of their busiest months of the year!

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What is the Average Temperature in Italy in July?

Temperatures can still vary just a little bit during July. However, you can expect a range that is anywhere from 70-90. The afternoons get pretty warm and can get up to 105 degrees.

Is It Too Hot in Italy During July?

This all depends on your personal preference. It certainly will be warm in the afternoons when the sun is at its highest. Just be sure to remember hydration and protect yourself from the sun when you’re outside. A gelato here and there will definitely help.

Is It Better to Visit Italy in July or August?

They are both great months. These two months mark the busiest times of the year for Italy.

Is July a Good Time to Go to Italy?

Yes, it’s a great time to go to Italy! This is a prime season, so just be prepared for larger crowds and more expensive accommodations. Everything is open, the sun is shining, and there is much to experience.

Should I Go to Rome in July?

It will be warm, but it’s a great time to head to Rome. The weather is nice enough that you can adventure around Rome and not be cold at all. Stay safe from the sun and drink plenty of water if you’re exploring the city of Rome.

Italy in July: Best Places to Visit, Things to Do + Weather (2024)
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