CS LEP course permissions slated to release on Reading Day (2024)

CS LEP course permissions slated to release on Reading Day (1)

Article by: Seth Buus

Permission to register for Spring 2024 Computer Science courses will be granted to new CS students on Reading Day (May 10) of the same semester, according to the University of Maryland Department of Computer Science.

Prospective students who finished fulfilling the CS Limited Enrollment Program (LEP) requirements prior to the spring will be allowed to sign up for CMSC216 (Introduction to Computer Systems) and CMSC250 (Discrete Structures) on May 10, a comfortable week well in advance of when those courses must be passed in order to advance through the curriculum efficiently.

The arbitrarily limited space of UMD’s computer science program has forced the Department to increase the competitiveness of admissions to the major in recent months. A Hare correspondent reached out to Professor Amitabh Varshney, dean of the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences for comment on this crisis of capacity, but was redirected to a representative of the dean named Boyler Plait.

“Undergraduates are our priority here at the Computer Science department,” stated Plait. “We want to make sure all of our students have the personal space and resources they deserve as members of a prestigious community.”

Upon being updated to reflect the new timing, the website of the Department’s Office of Undergraduate Students assured all LEP selectees that they would be guaranteed admission to CMSC216 and CMSC250 in time for the final exams for those courses. Additionally, students who choose to be fingerprinted, background checked, surveilled via unmanned aerial vehicles, interrogated via Cold War brainwashing techniques, and admitted to “UMD PreCheck” will be allowed to enroll in the courses following the second round of midterm exams.

“After being admitted, students should be sure to email their professors to schedule makeups for any midterms or quizzes they missed,” Plait added, before entering an otherwise empty Antonov Auditorium and sealing the doors.

Image Credits: Kenlynn Ingham

CS LEP course permissions slated to release on Reading Day (2024)
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