Community Affairs Contacts (2024)

For information about our Community Affairs program, contact our Washington D.C. office, or your local Community Affairs Officer.


First NameLast NameTitlePhone
BarryWidesDeputy Comptroller for Community Affairs(202) 649-6420
AmmarAskariDirector for Community Affairs Outreach(202) 649-6420
ChandniOhriDirector for Community Development(202) 649-6420

Community Affairs Officers

Community Affairs officers' activities include

  • supporting supervision staff on the preparation and conducting of CRA examinations by reviewing OCC-supervised banks’ community development activities and conducting community interviews to assess local community development needs.
  • providing training and technical assistance to OCC staff, bankers, and community members on all issues related to the Community Reinvestment Act and community development.
  • conducting customized consultations with OCC-supervised banks to help them develop and implement an effective community development program.
  • organizing and conducting, often in concert with other federal banking agencies, outreach events and listening sessions to exchange ideas about existing and innovative community development opportunities and to promote partnerships between banks and community stakeholders.

East/Northeast Regions

Genny Chow
Bonita Irving
Norma Polanco-Boyd

South/Southeast Regions

April Atkins
Scarlett Duplechain
Raymond Irizarry
Lisa Mifflin

West/Midwest Regions

Anna Cheong
Melissa Holman
Kathy Holmes
Steve Kuehl
Mike Nield

Community Affairs Contacts (2024)
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